I'm sorry to have kept you waiting.
It is a horoscope of which it falls in love of the fortune-telling with [ejipushantarotto].
A lucky place was going to take a rest this time. Please acknowledge it. Thank you for always seeing.
The translation is Mr. Asa.




Lucky Number is 0 and 9, Lucky color is deep crimson, Lucky direction is East

Lucky Occupation is Psycology

Cleopatra's Message

Today Self Confidence is there. With that strength ride, take aim and go.

It's just a little bit more to make it.



Lucky Number is 6, Lucky color is pastel, Lucky direction is South

Lucky Occupation is Engineer

Cleopatra's Message

It's a great day.

For the things that have potential to happen, be thankful.

Today go with a fun feeling.



Lucky number is 4, Lucky color is blue, Lucky direction is North

Lucky Occupation is a Nutritionist

Cleopatra's Message

There may be some hesitation about something today.

One thing is for sure, you should go by being straight with your own feelings.



Lucky number is 0, Lucky color is dark red, and Lucky direction is West

Lucky Occupation is in the Leisure industry

Cleopatra's Message

It seems as it will be a full busy day. The flow is going in a good direction.

Be thankful to those around you. On that note, go along.



Lucky Number is 3, Lucky Color is violet, and Lucky direction is South

Lucky Occupation is in the Music business

Cleopatra's Message

Work hard today to polish yourself up.

Also, be influenced by a friend and some good hint should come of it.



Lucky Number is 4 and 5, Lucky color is is light blue, Lucky direction is West Northwest

Lucky Occupation is as an Office worker

Cleopatra's Message

Today is a day to realize something.

But there is a reason for the tendency to be worried over this.

Don't think about the outside things. Go with your happy feelings.

Your partner's feelings are not changing. It's alright.



Lucky Number is 9, Lucky color is black, Lucky direction is South

Lucky Occupation is Wedding related

Cleopatra's Message

There is a tendency toward making a decision about something today.

With help, your spirit will become fun.

So place confidence in yourself.



Lucky Number is 2, Lucky color is white , Lucky direction is East

Lucky Occupation is in Business operations

Cleopatra's Message

Fatigue is arising.

You might be working too hard.

Today, take a little rest. After today, make a fresh plan.

Without mistake, you are moving in a good direction.



Lucky Number is 8, Lucky color is dark brown, Lucky direction is West and South

Lucky Occupation is in Computers

Cleopatra's Message

It seems some good news will come

There will be a happy experience for the person who came with some effort

Today do shopping or something and have some cool fun.



Lucky Number is 9, Lucky color is Rose, Lucky direction is South

Lucky Occupation is Aesthetics

Cleopatra's Message

Today if you feel lonely, you will have the tendency to change into happy feelings.

For those of you who work, it will be a day of great progress.

As much as possible, try to be immersed in happy feelings



Lucky Number is 1 and 4, Lucky color is yellow amber, Lucky direction is East Southeast

Lucky Occupation is Hospitality Industry

Cleopatra's Message

For couples, it's a possibility to have a fun date.

The light is shining out any feeling of unease that you had.

Move forward Step by Step on the things that you decide by yourself.

Most surely you can attain a victory


Lucky Number is 2 and 5, Lucky color is white, Lucky direction is West Northwest

Lucky Occupation is in Medical Care

Cleopatra's Message

You are really loved and it is a fun day.

Have confidence in your self and be loved


Today also, everyone have a good day

Always cheering for you.

Those who foretell it: [Asaoka] Miho constellation (Pisces)