Translated by Asa



The word for you is to get into action.

Try to do things like you did last week.

He's alright! Even in your communications, be assertive!

It's good for you to say what you want to say, little by little.

It will become a week when you can sense his kindness.


The word for you is to have hope.

For those in a relationship, there are probably events which let you have hope.

The 2 of you are getting close. You are alright as you move towards what you envisioned.


The word for you is success.

This is a week when you will sense some kind of success.

Be consistent with you convictions.

It's an important point that you use money systematically.


The word for you is to face forward.

To have a realization of love with him, change to facing forward.

With that, the situation will quickly change for the better.

Also, live this week with satisfaction.


The word for you is to have self confidence.

Somehow it's going to become a busy week.

Your relationship with him is stable.

Connect with the usual you with self confidence and you will make progress.

Even if you are busy, don't forget to have compassion.


The word for you is to not worry about a rival.

Is there some rival? There is a chance he could get interested in some other girl.

It's alright! If you get anxious, then just concentrate on your work.

If you can get through this week, then some good event is waiting for you.


The word for you is to go back to your origins.

If things are souring with him and you are not sure of your feelings,

then go back to the start and you will make progress.

It would be good to make yourself important and take things slow.


The word for you is to not give up.

Whatever happens, you have the character to not give up

and that power will be demonstrated this week.

Believe in the future and move along.

It seems it will be a happy week as your talents in your work are approved.


The word for you is that your efforts will definitely bear fruit.

This week, you may get concerned as to whether you 2 are making progress but

your continued efforts will have results.

As much as possible, live brightly and confidence will come.


The word for you is to make the connections to your emotions important.

This week think of things about him with an importance to the connection to your emotions.

What ever you say, this is important. It seems it will become a peaceful and quiet week.


The word for you is that you are loved.

Believe this as you have thoughts about wanting to meet him

but you are unable, so your desire grows.

You are loved by him even when there is trouble or some

situation where you can not contact with him.


The word for you is that the thing you don't like is dissolved.

The issue that has bothered you is dissolved.

As the more normal you, you can live with self confidence.

You can sense happiness as you receive kind communications

or love affection from him.